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Custom Business Solutions

Artezio has a huge expertise in development of custom solutions. The knowledge of various technologies like programming languages, operating systems, databases, frameworks, middleware and large domain expertise helps Artezio to create most well-tailored, flexible and cost-effective business solutions.

Every custom solution is a unique system developed for a concrete customer and satisfies concrete requirements including functionality, hardware, usability, performance and scalability.

With domain expertise in finance, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics and other industries Artezio fulfills functional requirements in the most accurate way and in accordance with industry standards. Artezio’s specialists consider specificities of a customer's country or industry business regulations in order to avoid any hidden costs or discrepancies.

Nowadays solutions developed by Artezio are successfully working in midsize and large international companies helping them to enhance efficiency, simplify daily tasks and increase return on investments.

Below is a list of sample of custom business solution developed by Artezio:

  • Online and intranet customer relationship management applications
  • Intranet ERP-like business applications
  • Data processing and reporting server-side applications
  • Workflow management systems
  • Ticket/issue tracking systems