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Photo Vault Keep Lock Picture

Photo Vault allows users to store any files, starting from photos to text notes, in a secret folder.

Access to files can only be obtained if the user knows a digital sequence specified in the settings. Together with the security requirements needed for access, the app also has the capability to be disguised by changing its icon on the smartphone desktop. Such mimicry is an added level of personal data protection.


  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • Add new albums for photos and videos
  • Create sub albums
  • Import files from your iPhone or cloud storage. *Only the first 20 files in the album are available in the free app version, it is possible to import the rest of them, but they will not be available for viewing
  • Transfer files via iTunes
  • Create hidden photos and videos right in the app. They will not be visible in 'Photos'
  • Set additional passwords to access some albums. *This premium function is only available in the full version
  • Set a false password opening a separate storage where you will be able to create a different set of images/files and keep your main storage safe. *This premium function is only available in the full version
  • Track breack-in attempts. In case when a password is entered incorrectly, a photo of a person who has tried to access the app instead of you is created. *This premium function is only available in the full version
  • Other useful features

The solution is developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 11.0 or later and is available for free on iTunes.

Photo Vault App  Photo Vault App  Photo Vault App