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Artezio JIRA Path


Artezio JIRA Path was built to help users trace IssueLink and Subtask dependences between issues, as well as find critical paths by the complete sampling or the selected subtree of issues.

With the plugin users can solve a number of tasks:

  • Finding issues using a JQL query
  • Building critical paths to a particular issue with a range of methods: the maximum path to the selected card according to the graph, tree, etc.
  • Creating and deleting links
  • Using group operations to delete and add links
  • Viewing specific information for each issue
  • Highlighting issues by a status or time remaining criterion
  • Moving and scaling the built graph in a random way

Artezio Jira Path  

View the presentation about Artezio JIRA Path and Quick User's Guide to get more information.

Download the plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.