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ART-Kanban Board for Outlook

Artezio has developed ART-Kanban Board– a plugin for Outlook task visualization.

ART-Kanban Board is available for the 2013 version of the MS Outlook and more recent versions.

This plugin allows the user to manage tasks in MS Outlook and MS Outlook Web Access and was designed as an ART-Kanban Board – an interactive table with different columns divided by the actual task statuses.

You can download the user manual here.



ART-Kanban Board has the following typical statuses for tasks:

  • not started
  • in progress
  • completed
  • waiting on someone else
  • deferred

You can drag a task to another column manually to change its status, or it can be changed automatically in due time.



The plugin allows you to work only with red flag emails.

ART-Kanban Board has the following typical statuses for red flag emails:

  • in progress
  • completed


All task and email settings in Outlook are connected to the settings in the ART-Kanban plugin, so a user needs to change a task status only once, either in MS Outlook or in the tool.


Viewing and changing task information is available directly from the plugin.

The view of ART-Kanban Board can also be changed.

  • You can filter tasks by date.
  • You can change the size of the header, and length of the owner name.

With ART-Kanban Board, it is more user-friendly and quicker to process large amounts of issues compared to similar apps. We have developed it for ourselves.

This product has already simplified our life and now we want to share it with you. We hope that ART-Kanban Board will be useful in your daily activities.