Artezio is an ISO 9001:2015 certified custom software development and consulting company. Over the last 20+ years, Artezio has completed more than 1000 custom software development projects for its international customers.

Artezio delivers cost effective, high quality IT services to companies in the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Austria, and Australia.

In addition to custom software development, Artezio continually invests in R&D activities and develops its own products:

  • Software as a Service platform solutions

  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android

  • Desktop and tablet products

Artezio assists its clients in analyzing and automating their business processes, as well as provides software solutions to achieve their operational goals:

  • Rapid automation solutions implementation

  • Getting software products to markets faster

  • Porting and implementing web-enabled software from scratch, etc.


Artezio is an international IT consulting company that leverages the advantages of global development, sourcing and delivery to cater to its clients in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Our personnel work hard to help our customers achieve their goals and optimize business processes by empowering them with reliable custom software systems. Using our services, our customers are able to bring their innovative software products to market faster and showcase their business globally.

Talent, enthusiasm, diligence, care and openness - these are the qualities that Artezio extends to its customers, partners, employees, and friends. Artezio's growing business is a clear vote of confidence that we have been doing it right.

Our unique approach to software development is what makes us successful. We have a variety of flexible delivery models to adapt to our customers’ objectives. Our structured project management process allows us to seamlessly execute projects on time and within budget. We use industry proven methodologies when developing software. Finally, we base our project lifecycle on the Standard Development Process and work closely with our customers to make adjustments when needed to fit their guidelines.