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mobile applications

Artezio Works With New Tools Presented by Apple at WWDC 2019

Multiplatform apps created for Apple devices are among the key innovations. Developers got an ability of adapting current mobile solutions to Mac PC and wearables.

World Trends from MWC-2018: transition to 5G, mass use of AI and security in IoT

According to Alexey Popov, Artezio Director for Strategic Development, one of the world technology trends in 2018 is the rapid development of AI and its application in all spheres of life. As part of the company expert group, Alexey Popov visited the international congress MWC-2018 in Barcelona, where he took part in the discussion of problems and processes of modern business development.

Cost Track will Support IPhone X and FaceID

The updated version of Cost Track takes into account all technical features of IPhone X, including its non-standard resolution and screen design. Soon Cost Track will get one more functionality – the support of the face scanner FaceID when Apple provides developers with the detailed information on the facial recognition system and reliability of this data protection method.

Case Study. A Mobile App for a Producer of Animal Healthcare Products

The customer, a global veterinary pharmaceutical company, needed an application that could provide its clients information about animal diseases, drugs for treatment of animal diseases and allow to conduct an audit in target farms.Artezio team has developed two app versions both for iOS and Android tablets. The second version of the application is branded and includes another set of graphic resources and customized functionality. Also, there was used non-standard dynamic localization supported by the server data.