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medical software development

Artezio to Discuss Healthcare Digital Transformation with Experts in Berlin

DMEA is a new name for conhIT, an event that over 11 years of its existence has grown significantly and begun to cover new areas in medicine. Thus, conhIT transformed into DMEA to further meet expectations of the healthcare industry. The event organizers are confident that the main goal of the brand renewal is to present the whole chain of processes that occur in healthcare.

Information Technologies in Medicine: from Clinic Reception to Clinical Trial Management Systems

Medical Information Systems (MIS) are considered to be one of the main directions in the development of information technologies in healthcare. MIS generally include electronic medical records (i.e. patient medical records) and a set of modules necessary for the work of a certain medical institution (“Laboratory”, “Pharmacy”, “Service Accounting”, “Blood Transfusion Centre”, etc.). There are thousands of MIS around the world at present, among them – dozens of large systems working in a variety of medical institutions.