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Can Digitalization of Traffic Management Systems Solve the Traffic Congestion Problem?

More than 442 million cars run on roads all over the world. A significant part of the global fleet falls on cities where cars compete for space on streets with other vehicles and pedestrians. As a result, regular traffic jams, because of which ordinary people lose their patience and time, and businesses – money. Modern technology allows building a future in which there will be no traffic jams and congestion.

How Acceleration of Data Transmission Channels will Affect Business

Not long ago people all over the world were enthusiastic about the fourth generation of cellular communication. With the introduction of LTE, new perspectives opened up, experts predicted numerous technical revolutions and breakthroughs. But the 4G time passed quickly, and everyone started talking about the next generation – high speeds and even greater possibilities. But do cloud technologies, the Internet of Things, big data, augmented reality really require data transmission channels with ever-higher bandwidth?