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Artificial Intelligence

Can AI Be Biased and Make Mistakes Like Humans?

Artificial intelligence can stand at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Artezio CEO Takes Part in Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019

Artezio CEO Pavel Adylin is attending a conference organized by Gartner, the leading research and advisory company.

Can AI Unleash a World War: Experts Say Yes!

Dr. Bruce D. Jett, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology, recently admitted that certain types of weapons could be placed under control of AI. Representatives of the military units of Europe and China immediately made similar statements. Previously, the inventor Elon Musk warned that such statements and actions could set off World War III.

When Will Robots and AI Replace Humans in Business

Each year the use of automation solutions is increasing in all areas of business. People entrust artificial intelligence with more and more tasks that perform operations not only better than humans do, but also much cheaper. Experts say that soon robots and AI will oust entire professions from the market.

Python is one of the key programming languages for AI projects

The research on perspective of programming tools usage had been held at the company during 5 years. The results cover the data about the efficiency of AI solutions provided by the developers engaged in related projects. The goal of the research was to find out the ways and tools to increase efficiency of AI projects development.

What Language to Choose to Talk to AI

The development of the modern technologies of artificial intelligence requires implementing the latest approaches to its programming and learning. Scientists are opening up new opportunities for using AI and its areas of application to developers. All this requires updating software development tools.

What are Embeddings? How Do They Help AI Understand the Human World?

The term “embedding” has become quite common in the descriptions of AI systems only during the last few years. It first appeared in the works of specialists in Natural Language Processing (NLP). It means a process or, more often, the result of a process of transforming a language entity (a word, sentence, paragraph, or the whole text) into a set of numbers — a numerical vector. In the Russian-language literature, embeddings are numerical vectors that are derived from words or other language entities.

Do Androids Dream of Electropunk?

Studying the ready models, I found an article with an overview of the six most famous options. These are, of course, digital music formats. According to the article, there are two main approaches to music generation: based on the digitized audio stream (the sound we hear from the speakers – raw audio, wav files) and based on working with MIDI (musical notation). I didn’t take into account the raw audio options, and here’s why:

Artezio to Hold Discussions on Digital Transformation in New York

Artezio will provide expert support for AdTech, a prestigious forum in New York. Together with top brands and tech leaders, Artezio will discuss the key aspects of digital transformation of the world and communication at the forum.