Case Studies2

Artezio has successfully completed over 1000 projects in the last 20 years. Click on the links below to read the case studies of our accomplishments by industry:


Hospital Management System

Migration of two modules of an outpatient hospital management system to the J2EE platform

Web Application To Integrate Articles

Web Application to aggregate articles on mental health protection.

Medical Imaging System

Development and testing of image intensive software modules.

Clinical Trial Management System

Development of a software suite for clinical trials management.

Call-Center Application Software Engine

Development of a call-center application software engine for patient randomization

Semantic Backbone for Pharmacovigilance

Designing, developing, and prototyping the platform for semantic-based data modeling and interpretation.

Packaged Software Solution for Pharmacy Chains Business Management

Development of a the packaged solution that allows to fully automate the pharmacy network business.

Interactive Voice/Web Response System (IVRS/IWRS) for Clinical Trials

Customization of the the IVRS/IWRS for clinical trials in large pharmaceutical companies.

Payment System Development and Integration Platform

Cloud-based platform that is seamlessly integrated with banking services, telecom, city services, loyalty programs

Integration Platform for Banking Systems

Robust and fast integration solution for the information flows of different internal banking systems from various vendors

An Information Portal for Operators of an Insurance Company

Development of an information portal for insurance company.

Master Data Management System

Automation of internal processes, the bank’s development by accelerating and improving the quality of business services

Social Networking Platform

Development and maintenance for a social network with around 500 000 daily visitors.

Video Cards Application

A mobile app which mades it easy to create video cards.

Travel Platform

Development of new components for data collection and processing