E-Procurement System for Public Sector


The client had an official website with information about government contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs). The entire public procurement process was handled offline, so it lacked transparency and posed a high risk of corruption. The offline process required hundreds of people to cover all the work related to the procurement process. Frequently, human errors affected bid results. Finally, audits were complicated, requiring many attempts to structure and verify the information. Artezio was instructed to develop a system that could aggregate, store and process the various types of data needed for every step of the process. This system had to make government procurement more organized, predictable, transparent and open to the public.Establish a software development center together with the customer for development of a software suite for clinical trials management.


Artezio used the current website and built the system on its existing platform to keep development costs down and accelerate implementation.

Artezio developed a database of regulatory information and application templates. For the website, Artezio developed closed-to-public and open-to-public parts. The open part includes all information connected with:

  • Planning

  • Procurement Process

  • Procurement Monitoring

Additional features include:

  • Notifications

  • Reports


  • Technical – high fault-tolerance; system is able to handle increased volume of data without compromising performance

  • Marketing – enhanced search capabilities in the open-to-public part; more search parameters and improved user interface make the system more accessible and user-friendly


Now the e-procurement process is transparent, automated, complete, protected and controlled.

Today the system has accomplished the following objectives:

  • Processes terabytes of information.

  • Automates the procurement process starting from placing the RFP and ending with reports and fulfillment of the contract.

  • Lowers public expenditure.

  • Eliminates the need to have human control while increasing the reliability and accuracy of the information.

Choosing the right approach from the beginning, working off the existing website and platform, client to go live in just a few months without the need to re-train existing staff or change the existing domain address.