Pharmacy Chains Business Management

Packaged Software Solution for Pharmacy Chains Business Management


Develop the packaged solution that allows to fully automate the pharmacy network business.


  • The product was implemented on the client/server architecture, MS SQL Server was selected as a database

  • The problem of poor communication channels was solved by using the embedded offline working mode and advanced instruments for data import/export

  • The additional pharmacological support services (APS) were automated with a detailed account of the supply and delivery of consumer goods in accordance with the regulations adopted by the state APS program

  • The team has implemented the modules that completely automated goods ordering, warehousing, return of goods to the supplier, dispatch of goods, inventory, integration with cash registers and barcode scanners, reporting and analytics

  • A pharmacy chain support application was implemented in the product

  • The Pharmacy Network Center gained full control of the work within the network of pharmacies

  • Online access to information concerning the work of pharmacies allowed optimizing the analysis of demand, pricing, ordering management, and inventory management throughout the pharmacy network

  • The product allows creating a unified information space within the entire network of pharmacies


    The created product allowed to strengthen Customer’s market position and significantly reduce its costs for commodity flow management.