Medical Laboratories Tests Order Platform

Uber-like solution for small and medium laboratories, that are not connected to any EHR and that provide regular and specific tests services to clinicians and patients


EMRLab is an electronic system designed for medical record management for clinical laboratories. The system has an Uber-like architecture and brings doctors and medical laboratories together to easily place requests, process orders, and get results of clinical trials. The main goal of the system is to create a common space for both doctors and laboratories to establish effective communication and coordination among members for optimal patient care. The system ensures finding the most efficient way of taking laboratory tests and managing the whole process.

The main benefit of the system is that medical personnel doesn’t need to fax, print, scan, or email laboratory results, which can potentially be non HIPAA-compliant. Instead, EMRLab provides doctors and laboratories with an ability to upload laboratory results into a secure system ensuring compliance with all the required standards and certificates.


Java API



HL7 protocol for integration

Laboratory Portal

The laboratory portal allows keeping the info about the fact that the package was delivered and the laboratory has started a trial. After successful tests, the laboratory uploads the results of the trial to the system. The order owner is getting notified about the ability to check the results. During the process of taking tests, the doctor can see the status of the order on the client portal.

The Architecture of EMRLab: Client Portal

EMRLab consists of three portals: a client portal, laboratory portal, and admin portal.

The client portal is designed for doctors or medical companies. They create a request for a medical trial providing information about a patient and what exactly medical test should be taken. Then based on the entered data, the system offers several most optimal variants of laboratories where the patient can get tested. After the doctor has chosen a laboratory, they send biological specimen with a unique bar code to the laboratory. With the help of the code, the system is able to easily track the process of the trial from specimen delivery to getting results.

Administration Portal

The administration portal is a space which synchronizes data from both doctors and laboratories. It allows adding new hospitals, medical companies, and laboratories. Besides, the portal helps identify any issues or errors in the system so that the whole platform runs smoothly.

Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Interface

Imports and Exports Data

Helps Small Laboratories Enter the Market

Saves Time Required to Order a Laboratory Test

Enhances Effectivity and Communication within Medical Companies

Tracks Medical History of Patients and Data about Medical Trials

Improves Patient Care

Reduces Errors on Medical Records

HIPAA, GDPR, and HL7 Standards Compliant


The Java-based electronic medical records system is a multi-tenant portal with user management capabilities. In order to save time and provide the required level of HIPAA and GDPR compliance, it was decided to use a third-party solution TrueVault to store data about medical companies, patients’ medical history, and lab requests.
Laboratories can get access only to the information they are authorized to see. Doctors and medical companies see only the data about their patients and also information related to their account in the system. Requests for laboratory tests are confirmed by patient’s and doctor’s e-signatures. This allows for higher security of personal data.

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