Clinical Trial Management System

Challenge: Establish a software development center together with the customer for development of a software suite for clinical trials management.

Packaged software solution for pharmacy chains business management

Challenge: Develop the packaged solution that allows to fully automate the pharmacy network business.

Quality assurance of the clinical trial voice response system

Challenge: Provide qualified technical resources for testing and quality assurance of the system installed at the client's side.

Learning Software for iPhone

Challenge: Create an iPhone application and web-application for educational purposes of a large healthcare company.

Artezio introduces a web-based interface to help handling e-health record system

Challenge: Develop a web-based interface that would allow patients, who suffer from diabetes, allergies and pain, to keep diaries and report their daily state of health to the doctor. Another target for this project was to develop an interface that would improve existing parts of the application (i.e. search of contacts, registration of patients) with significant amendments in its entire design and that would allow patients to easily handle their personal data.

Co-development of the Software Solution for interoperability and health information exchange

Challenge: Provide support for the existing clients who use the Software Solution and further develop the product in order to meet the new customers’ requirements.

Application for reporting portal visitor statistics

Challenge: Create a Web-based interface to present portal visitor statistics and increase appeal to the portal users

Audit of the clinical and diagnostic laboratories automation system

Challenge: Perform an independent software audit including development methodic.

Using SCRUM methodology in clinical trials management systems development

Challenge: Re-design and implement all applications involving unified three-tier architecture and continue CTMS development as a distributed team.

Medical Data Management

Challenge: Expand the Customer's capabilities in data management, especially in data analysis, data maintenance, data cleansing,data integrity, data integration including HL7 compliant data feeds, data transformation conducting all activities in strict copmliance with standards and practicies.

Customization of interactive voice/web response system (IVRS/IWRS) for clinical trials

Challenge: Customize interactive voice/web response system (IVRS/IWRS) for clinical trials for many large pharmaceutical companies.

Call-center application software engine for patient randomization, study drug management and voice based systems for data collection

Challenge: Develop a call-center application software engine for patient randomization, study drug management and voice based systems for data collection.

Semantic backbone for Pharmacovigilance Services

Challenge: Design, develop and create a prototype of a platform for semantics-based data modeling and interpretation.

Artezio creates and manages offshore software validation center for leading eClinical solutions provider

Challenge: Establish a SVC needed to provide full-suite validation for entire spectrum of the company’s services. 

Content Management System

Challenge: Create an efficient and user-friendly interface for editing content and appearance of the Russian version of the corporate website that would include business logic and GUI for mailing list maintenance, automated generation of newsletter content and estimation of subscription statistics.

Outpatient hospital management system. Migration to J2EE and enhancement

Challenge: Migration of two modules of an outpatient hospital management system to the J2EE platform and development of additional modules.

Healthcare Solution Suite for Semantic Interoperability

Challenge: Setup a dedicated Business Analysis Center specializing in specific areas of drug development, safety of medicines and semantic interoperability.

Artezio enhances Health Information Exchange System and develops a number of applications for it

Challenge: Provide high qualified professionals to help increase Customer's capabilities in health information exchange application software development.