Since its establishment in 2000, one of Artezio’s strategic goals has been to place itself in the forefront of the Telecommunications vertical and to develop an expertise in a wide range of telecom software developer technologies.

With increasing complexity of modern systems and growing market requirements for telecom providers, a lot of companies face formidable challenges choosing the right software developer. Solutions for Telecom are one of the major focuses for Artezio: we have been helping our clients to fulfill their business ambitions for many years.

There are some reasons why it is always a good idea to choose Artezio as a telecom software developer:

We adapt to the client’s business goals and needs

The Telecom industry needs sophisticated solutions regarding all the processes. A rapidly changing market with strong competitors are the reality for telecom companies. At Artezio we are very much aware of thousands of clients, millions of transactions and other challenges that our customers have to respond to every day. We meet all customers’ demands and create reliable solutions that will help them to corner the market.

We deliver our solutions just in time and within the budget

At Artezio we know how it is important for a business to save time and money. That is why our customers get their solutions within the minimum amount of time and within their budget. We use different delivery models such as Fixed price, Time and Material, and Mixed Model, so you can choose the most suitable model for your company needs.

We offer end-to-end services

We implement a full cycle of project development process including the creation of solution concept, development, support, and maintenance.


  • Custom software development
  • Call-center services and e-learning portal development
  • OSS and BSS development
  • Network management
  • Reengineering and support for legacy information systems
  • Software testing and quality assurance
  • Mobile apps development


  • Billing solutions
  • Network management systems/support
  • Network topology management solutions
  • Data warehousing
  • E-Learning
  • SMS Gateway, Protocols
  • Call center agents decision support systems
  • CRM/PRM solutions
  • Mobile solutions