Software Support and Maintenance

The software maintenance process involves changes in the existing software system (sometimes a legacy system) in order to resolve problems and correct deficiencies found during the commercial operation. Maintenance may also include functionality changes to improve the software usability, capabilities and efficiency.

Artezio has extensive experience in maintaining and enhancing mature IT systems either developed by our team or maintained by our engineers years after deployment.

Artezio software support and maintenance services include:

  • Level 1 – Help Desk and Operations Monitoring (people catch incidents and try quick-fix solutions following guidelines and FAQs, but when quick fix is impossible, the problem may escalate)
  • Level 2 – Technical Support (resolving issues escalated from Level 1 and related to software; change requests implementation)
  • Level 3 - Systems, storage, network, applications, vendors, facilities, support, and maintenance (the team provides architecture control, engineering, application development, vendors evaluation; the team also offers facilities support: handling all the issues related to the solution and environment, including training of the external staff in troubleshooting)