Functional Testing

Artezio provides a full cycle of software testing services on all stages of a software development project depending on software development methodologies, processes and requirements. All the activities are compliant with ISO 9000 and IEEE 829-1998 standards.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial testing of the project documentation
  • Creating package of testing documentation on static testing stage
  • Execution of all test types during dynamic testing stage
  • Regression product testing and support of change request processing
  • Acceptance product testing
  • Making decision about final state of the product tested

Artezio combines various testing methodologies like black-box, grey-box and white-box to ensure that the software solution corresponds with the functional and technical requirements.

Depending on the project specifics the testing engineers can provide the whole spectrum of testing types and methodologies including: functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, browser compatibility, platform compatibility, load, stress, performance, integration, security, data completeness and consistency testing.

Artezio software testing team has proved experience in usage of different tests\issue tracking systems both commercial (HP Quality Center, JIRA, TestTrackPro) and open source (Bugzilla, TestLink).