SDC Setup and Operate

For years Artezio has been designing and successfully delivering custom solutions such as dedicated Software Development Centres (SDC). The Centre works exclusively for one client and is equipped with all the facilities (office space, hardware, software, furniture, etc.) necessary for software development.

The advantages of a SDC are as follows:

  • The work with competent team members (project managers, developers, architects, QA engineers, and system analysts) results in the project implementation using cutting-edge technologies while reducing costs and lowering risks
  • The team works for one customer only
  • Сhanges are easy to made: tasks priorities, business peculiarities, the customer’s expectations and preferences can be altered without bureaucratic delays
  • Work progress reports are regularly provided to the customer
  • The customer is provided with access to up-to-date software technologies, IT infrastructure, and development methodologies

The countries of Eastern Europe have a long tradition of multidisciplinary research in fundamental and applied sciences. For this reason, software development centers located in East European countries can be a great opportunity to start scientific and applied software development.

Since a SDC provides services for clients on behalf of the сustomer, Artezio realizes the complexity and responsibility needed to establish a software development center for technology companies.Therefore, we do not pre-package software development centers with standard options or defined scenarios. Instead, we tailor an SDC as a service to fit specific needs and design custom operating procedures in accordance with our customer’s business practices.