Artezio SendFile


Artezio SendFile is a special innovative Java based service created to simplify big sized file exchange between clients or employees of a company.

The product functions:

  • Storing files without using FTP what reduces the maintenance complexity;
  • Automatically granting access to any employee (integration with Active Directory);
  • Sending file of any size to the product’s clients outside of the company;
  • Making restrictions for number of downloads or availability terms;
  • Sending file requests to the product’s clients outside of the company;
  • Managing file exchange history, viewing lists of sent and received files, downloading files again or deleting them;
  • Contacting support service trough user interface;
  • Notifying colleagues or external clients about new files or new file requests using email service. The notification comes on behalf of the current user to avoid spam filters.
  • The allowed information size is restricted only by free space available at the disc used for data storage;
  • Artezio SendFile doesn’t use FTP server what simplifies technical support and data transfer control for viruses and safety;
  • For user authorization Active Directory is used what gives additional possibilities to manage user accounts and grant/deny access to the service;
  • Any operations connected with data transfer are followed by email notifications. So the sender is always sure that his partner has received all the necessary files;
  • Besides sending files, Artezio SendFile allows sending file exchange request to other external clients who do not use the service. There is no need to create any new user accounts for that matter;
  • Integration with email service and Active Directory provides possibility to send emails on behalf of the concrete user using his name and email address. So SendFile’s notifications will never be treated as junk mail by spam filters.

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