Quality and efficiency of healthcare services significantly depend on the automation systems used.

The list of tasks that can be more successfully processed due to the information systems and implementation of bespoke medical software development includes patient appointment management, coordination of clinical trials of new drugs and medical devices in different regions of the world, management of pharmaceutical product procurement and distribution, just to name a few. All of these tasks are delicate enough to require high-quality functionality, reliability, productivity and scalability of such systems.

Artezio has successfully carried out medical product development and released a number of information systems that automate different processes for various organizations in the healthcare sector, including pharmaceutical distributors, drugstores and drugstore chains, hospitals, and research organizations. Starting with a Web-based application for tracking dental appointments, referrals, and invoices and an outpatient hospital management system on the J2EE platform, we are constantly developing our expertise in electronic medical records, practice management systems, and medical appointment scheduling.

Among our projects for the healthcare industry are:
  • Automation of Pharmaceutical market analysis, purchasing, logistics, warehousing and accounting
  • Pharmacy chain database solutions
  • Outpatient hospital management systems
  • CRM-solutions
  • Drugs telephone ordering system
  • Intranet for the Russian branch of a major pharmaceutical company
  • Clinical Trials Management Solutions (Developers for IMPACT)
  • Data warehousing
  • Medical image processing
  • Electronic Medical records software
  • Integrated drug dispensing system development