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Finance & Insurance

Artezio has over 17 years of experience in financial software development and consulting. We offer a wide range of solutions as well as the most up-to-date understanding of specifics of financial institutions business.

The demand for innovative products and services is steadily increasing. Time-to-market, responsiveness to customers' expectations, the need to take on everyday challenges have become the key industry indicators. They all require financial institutions to stay agile and quickly react to the changes in a business environment.

As a financial software developer, Artezio specializes in custom software development and has been assisting financial institutions and insurance companies since the early stages in the company’s origin. Artezio has worked out a number of custom software solutions, offered online services, developed high-volume transaction processing systems, financial reporting and data management applications for banks, insurance companies, trading firms, brokerages, and exchanges.

Financial institutions and insurance companies are offered:

  • On-line account management systems
  • Document management solutions
  • Internal Bank accounting platforms
  • Call center knowledge systems
  • Client information management systems
  • Online Securities and Currency trading platforms (incl. FOREX)
  • Retail banking applications
  • SOA enterprise applications integration
  • Foreign currency trade order management systems
  • Credit card processing services
  • Financial Decision support systems
  • Anti-fraud software development
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