Alfresco based trouble ticket system development

Challenge: Develop a new and up-to-date trouble ticketing system which would combine the capabilities both of a knowledge base and issue tracker.

Java based application testing tools

Challenge: Create test cases for new Java based software products as well as for new releases of already existing software applications.

Call-centers automation for mobile service providers

Challenge: Develop a software product for automation of call-center operations for mobile service providers.

Artezio helps wireless operator stay on the cutting edge of CRM

Challenge: Enhance enterprise CRM to allow managing and storing dunning SMS messages sent out to wireless plan subscribers.

Functional and load testing tool for telecom applications

Challenge: Develop of a utility for automated testing of daemons and services comprising a distributed software product.

Communication protocol simulator

Challenge: Develop, test and implement a module enhancing the properties of a network information system, which should be compatible with SNMP, TL1, and CORBA standards.

Wi-Fi connection manager development

Challenge: Create a custom connection manager that would detect Wi-Fi hotspots belonging to the Customer and connect to them transparently from the end-user’s mobile device.

Maintenance of telecommunications software

Challenge: Maintain and test a network element management system for activating multivendor transport networks.

Mining for data in a large database

Challenge: Develop, test and implement a prototype system for searching a customer database to identify subscribers with multiple accounts.

Radio network management system

Challenge: Create an end-to-end solution for managing GSM radio networks using Java and CORBA technology for distributed parts of the software system.

Re-engineering and maintenance of a unified database

Challenge: Re-engineer and maintain a common database and its accompanying tools for a series of integrated operations with support system applications.

Setting up and operating an offshore software development center

Challenge: Build and operate a software development team and its supporting logistics with an ultimate goal to transfer it to a global telecom solutions vendor.

Tracking changes in network equipment

Challenge: Develop a module that detects new hardware on a telecom network and updates a database storing network topology, either by request, or automatically.

Test case development

Challenge: Develop a testing case using special tools such as Segue SilkTest.