Technology companies

Open source portal solution

Challenge: Research the portal solution market, to develop an open source based portal solution.

A leading ERP vendor co-develops with Artezio to reduce time-to-market of its data warehousing solutions

Challenge: Development a suite of two software applications for data warehouse synchronization and OLAP cube visualization based on different platforms.

Email spam guard

Challenge: Develop an off-the-shelf product for email spam filtering.

IT project management tool for Software services provider

Challenge: Develop, test and implement an electronic project management application with a Web interface.

Developing a custom-built Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system

Challenge: Create a Web-based system that is supposed to provide enterprise and partner users with tools and functions for managing business opportunities, deals, and various types of requests associated with such opportunities.

Launching a software development center for internet business solutions provider

Challenge: Jumpstart a software development center for a Japanese company to develop, maintain, support and customize its new platform for wholesale Web and application hosting; eventually, relocate all company’s software development to Russia.

Artezio modernizes IT infrastructure for a Belarus group of building companies

Challenge: Implement a platform for collective work with electronic documents and messages.

MS Project Server Implementation

Challenge: Implement MS project server as a project management tool.

Business network managing toolset

Challenge: Maintain and customize number of products created by third-part vendor for business network.

Development of an application management and monitoring suite

Challenge: Develop special tools for managing third party software, in particular data base catalogues.