Logistics & Retail

Artezio develops a logistics solution for the world largest producer of soft drinks

Challenge: Automate the suppliers’ selection process by adding a possibility to analyze each supplier’s capability and capacity.

Procurement solution for transportation industry

Challenge: Create a back-end solution for a system that simplifies the process of the vehicle and labels selection.

Customer data storage

Challenge: Create a software application representing new features for a distribution data management system and integrate it with the system.

Shipping orders distribution system for transportation of cargoes between transportation companies

Challenge: Create a system for automation of planning and keeping records of the shipping operations between different regional areas of the Russian Federation.

System for placing orders for transportation of cargoes

Challenge: Create a system for placing and tracking orders for transportation of cargoes, satisfy severe requirements to data storage security and providing of uninterrupted work.

MES and CAIS audit and testing

Challenge: Provide audit and testing of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Corporate Application Integration System (CAIS).

Logistics Portal for petroleum retailer

Challenge: Develop a portal that will help the Customer simplify its workflow connected with planning supplies, cash needs, consideration of payments etc.

Web based procurement management software for a railroad supplier

Challenge: Create a web based software for managing the supply chain of railroad equipment and materials for a railroad supplier.

Artezio develops a new system for primary documents processing for a large European company

Challenge: Improve the quality of customer sales requests processing by usage of electronic contract forms instead of paper ones.

Contract Management System for the leading tobacco company

Challenge:Develop a specialized information system that could allow automating all business processes connected with the commercial initiatives planning. ;

Commercial Initiative Management System for the leading tobacco company

Challenge: Create a system that automates all the processes connected with preparing and editing of contracts on different stages.