E-business portal re-engineering

Project Facts


— Coldfusion

— J2EE

— JSP and JSTL

— Apache HTTP Server

— Caucho Resin XML Application Server

— Oracle 8i

— Sun Solaris

— Linux



— Mid-Sized Japanese company

Functional area

— Portal re-engineering


— Migrating of a web-based application from Coldfusion to JSP


— 25 man-months


Reengineer a technical solution of a web-based application from one technology to another.

A Web portal serves for matching merchants seeking to place their ads on the Internet, and Web site owners willing to host ads for a fee. The portal incorporates a payment clearing system to simplify billing and check issuance for subscribers. Merchants receive a single consolidated bill from the portal on behalf of all site owners involved in advertising of their products and site owners receive a consolidated check on behalf of all ad space renters.

The portal was originally developed using Macromedia Coldfusion scripting. Over time, the customer decided to migrate to JSP scripting and Java in order to simplify portal maintenance, version upgrading and to avoid getting pinned down with a single vendor in the long term.


The customer provided Artezio with examples to demonstrate a proof of concept. Using an offsite model to develop the application, Artezio technical team interfaced with the customer's internal team to understand the business and functional requirements. A core development team was formed fluctuating between 3 and 5 programmers in size, one of whom liaised with the customer and also served as a team lead.

The customer chose to interview Artezio programmers by phone to select those who would be most suitable for the project. To accommodate the time difference between the customer’s location in Japan and the Artezio office in Moscow, Artezio team members were available early in the morning to keep up with voice and e-mail communication. Once the bulk of code migration work was completed, the customer team tested the product on-site and routed defects and enhancement requests back to us for fixing.

Partial outsourcing for the portal migration task to Artezio allowed the customer to simplify switching the scripting technologies and make it transparent to portal end users without straining its own IT department. Artezio stayed within a modest project budget and allowed the customer to focus on project management and testing.