Payment system development and integration

Project Facts


— Financial Services Company

Functional area

— Payment Gateway Implementation, Payment Systems Integration


— JBoss Application Server

— Apache Tomcat

— Oracle DB

— Postgre DB

— RabbitMQ



— Java


— Spring, Spring Integration



— Maven 2

— Jira




— 4 man-years



The Customer turned to Artezio with a request to integrate banking, municipal, telecom, and other services to provide a single interface for online payments.

Artezio had to implement a payment processing point which would transfer payments to various payees (municipal services, banking institutions, transportation organizations, telecom/internet operators, the Inland Revenue, etc.) via different sources (mobile phone accounts, credit cards, and eWallets).

The customer needed a robust and fast integration solution for the information flows between various payment sources and payees.

Artezio team needed to support the following system requirements:

  • different data areas for different system operators
  • a client-independent API
  • a system scaling option
  • a possibility of changing connectors without changing a platform
  • client data protection

Artezio staff in conjunction with the Customer agreed on the following solutions:

  1. The integration approach was based on Spring Integration.
  2. Due to the use of Spring Integration, the interaction between participating systems was standardized and implemented by using a number of protocols (SOAP WS, REST WS, Sockets, SFTP, etc.).
  3. The subsystem for batch processing of financial transactions was based on the Java EE platform (such an approach guarantees a high performance, reliability, and lower maintenance costs).
  4. The subsystem for business transactions and lookup table replication was designed on the Java EE platform with the access via SOAP and JMSinteraces (both synchronously and asynchronously).
  5. The integration with payment systems and other systems was done through a separate application that supported deployment without the system core reload.

The hi-level system architecture:


The main part of the project was delivered within 8 months. The total effort was over 4 man-years.

Artezio team successfully accomplished the development on time and stayed within the budget. After the first delivery, the Customer started making actual payments via the system which successfully supports a huge number of clients.

To date the following elements have been engineered:

  • platform core
  • more than 10 connectors to different banking and payment systems
  • integration with different client verification systems and systems determining creditworthiness

The Customer’s requirements were met in full, and Artezio is still cooperating with the client providing an ongoing support.