Finance & Insurance

Data matching module for a credit issuer

Challenge: To implement a module that helps to reduce the costs of operational multilingual data check and maintenance. The software componentwasimplemented as a standalone application and a webservice, JMS compatible.

Financial Management Software

Challenge: To reengineer a legacy financial and accounting application front-end and port it to the .NET framework, with and .net Remoting involved, while preserving its compatibility with the existing customer bases. 

Banking software suite customization

Challenge: To develop additional software components in accordance with the existing architecture. Create a stand-alone Java application, based on Eclipse Rich Client Platform, with a Spring framework and Hibernate ORM.

Productivity solution for a currency exchange brokerage

Challenge: To implement a module to automate the creation and maintenance of sell and buy currency limit orders and to increase traders’ productivity. The project was implemented by a distributed team, part of which was located on-site and part – offshore. 

Challenge: To implement an integration solution that automates data exchange between four different systems – the Bankoffice, POS terminal, transaction storage, and internet banking suites.

Alfresco based documents repository

Challenge: To develop a custom solution to replace paperwork with an automated document workflow for the insurance company.

Artezio assists a world top ten IT service provider to deliver a turnkey banking solution

Challenge: To provide resources for a leading IT service provider to implement a content management system for a banking web portal. 

Trading platform management and support

Challenge: To establish a .NET SDC team, provide on-site training, and improve the Customer’s previous negative offshore experience.

Artezio automates reference management for the insurer’s enterprise portal

Challenge: To implement a modulefor the insurance company that unifies the reference information maintenance of the enterprise application portal to make a flexible package of software.

Artezio helps a bank to process transactions with its clients

Challenge: To reengineer a legacy system and port it to the .NET platform to improve inefficient technical solutions and to add extra functionality.

Artezio creates a messaging service for banking software

Challenge: To develop a module that integrates the Interaction Management System and Automated Banking System via a messaging interface.

Artezio helps a financial institution avoid double taxation

Challenge: To modernize the existing application to calculate VAT on spare parts supplied to service centres by manufactures and spare parts bought and provided by service centres.

Extranet charting application development

Challenge: To finish the development of the charting application to produce charts in various formats based on tabular data and parameters that could be easily changed by the user and automatically branded depending on style guides stored in the system.

Creating a banking integration platform

Challenge: To implement data interchange for the web-based banking application to administer mortgages and introduce an e-mail subscriptions system.

Intranet portal solution for a Swedish company

Challenge: To build an Intranet portal on the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 platform and integrate it with the existing software to provide document sharing, event management, blog maintenance, etc.

Development of a trading platform for a U.S. Forex Service Provider

Challenge: To increase traders’ productivity implementing a modern trading platform to manage sell and buy orders.

Payment systems integration platform

Challenge: To offer an integrated solution to make online payments available for municipal services and public utilities, the Tax Office, banking institutions, transportation companies, telecom/ internet providers, etc.

Payment system development and integration

Challenge: To provide different payees with a single point for online payments.

Integration and functional testing

Challenge: To outsource Quality Assurance services, both off- and on-site, for the bank.