Custom software development

Alfresco based document repository

Challenge: Optimize and synchronize the processing of the insurance payments for a large Russian insurance company.

Chartserver application development

Challenge: Finish the development of the "Chartserver" which doesn't correspond with the customer's requirements.

Development of additional modules for a banking software suite

Challenge: Develop software modules according to the existing architecture. 

Matching module for a credit card processing system

Challenge: Develop and implement a module with features that will help reduce costs and improve quality.

Productivity solution for currency exchange brokerage

Challenge: Develop a software module for automated creation and management od sell and buy currency limit orders in order to increase productivity of traders' processing limit orders placed with the company's branches worldwide. 

Application for reporting portal visitor statistics

Challenge: Create a web-based interface to present portal visitor statistics and increase appeal to the portal users.

Artezio assists to deliver a turnkey banking solution

Challenge: Provide resources to a leading IT service provider to develop and test a web content management system. Use the system to create an external corporate website, populate its pages with initial content and publish it in the Internet promptly.

Web site design potpourri

Challenge: Design three websites geared for advertisement of beauty products.

Content management system

Challenge: Create an efficient and user-friendly interface for editing content and appearance of the Russian version of the corporate website that would include business logic and GUI for mailing list maintenance, automated generation of newsletter content and estimation of subscription statistics.

Clinical trial management system

Challenge: Establish a software development center together with the customer for development of a software suite for clinical trials management.

Co-development of the software solution for interoperability and health information exchange

Challenge: Provide support for the existing clients who use the Software Solution and further develop the product in order to meet the new customers’ requirements.

A leading ERP vendor co-develops with Artezio to reduce time-to-market of its data warehousing solutions

Challenge: Develop a suite of two software applications for data warehouse synchronization and OLAP cube visualization based on different platforms.

Developing a custom-built Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system

Challenge: Create a Web-based system that is supposed to provide enterprise and partner users with tools and functions for managing business opportunities, deals, and various types of requests associated with such opportunities.

An online information system to support brokers and consumers of Internet services

Challenge: Create a Web-based information system for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide on-line access to brokers that sell their communications and Internetrelated services and subscribers that sign up for these services.

IT project management tool

Challenge: Create an electronic project management application with a Web interface.

Artezio helps wireless operator stay on the cutting edge of CRM

Challenge: Enhance enterprise CRM to allow managing and storing dunning SMS messages sent out to wireless plan subscribers.

Mining for data in the large database

Challenge: Develop a system for identification of multiple accounts belonging to one subscriber.

Tracking changes in network equipment

Challenge: Develop a module that detects new hardware on a telecom network and updates a database storing network topology, either by request, or automatically.

Radio network management system

Challenge: Create an end-to-end solution for managing radio networks.

Communication protocol simulator

Challenge: Make a tool to aid application developers.

Online cell phone store and service center

Challenge: Create a 24/7 high transaction volume online store for selling cell phones, signing up for calling plans and other services within at fairly short notice.

Short movies entertainment system

Challenge: Develop a large-scale entertainment platform to promote short movies to the internet audience.

Web-based procurement management software for a railroad supplier

Challenge: Create a web based software for managing the supply chain of railroad equipment and materials for a railroad supplier.

Customer data storage

Challenge: Create a software application representing new features for a distribution data management system and integrate it with the system.

System for placing orders for transporation of cargoes

Challenge: Create a system for placing and tracking orders for transportation of cargoes.

Shipping orders distribution system for transportation of cargoes between tranportation companies

Challenge: Create a system for automation of planning and keeping records of the shipping operations between different regional areas of the Russian Federation.

Procurement solution for transportation industry

Challenge: Create a back-end solution for a system that simplifies the process of the vehicle and labels selection.

Contract Management System for the leading tobacco company

Challenge:Develop a specialized information system that could allow automating all business processes connected with the commercial initiatives planning. ;

Commercial Initiative Management System for the leading tobacco company

Challenge: Create a system that automates all the processes connected with preparing and editing of contracts on different stages.