Artezio established solid relationships with industry leaders. Our goals are to follow best practices, to be on the forefront of newest technologies, to acquire technology expertise directly from the leaders, and to take advantage of vendors' certification.

We are actively participating in industry professional organizations worldwide and promoting high standards among global software development services providers.

Artezio became a Microsoft Certified Partner in 2001.
In 2007 Artezio became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
In 2011 after some changes in the Microsoft partnership program Artezio successfully confirmed its gold competency in category "Software Development".

Artezio became an Intel Software Partner in 2006.

Artezio joined Oracle partnership program in 2002.
Artezio became an InterSystems Gold Partner in 2015.
Artezio became a Red Hat Business Partner in 2015.
Artezio joined Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program as Independent Software Vendor in 2015.
Artezio joined the AWS Partner Network in 2015.

Softelcom is one of the world's leading providers of information portal solutions.

Colabpro Outsourcing is an IT consulting company specialized in nearshore outsourcing and agile that serves its global customers from Stockholm, Sweden. Deep knowledge of application development, integration and support helps Colabpro clients to establish long term partnerships with the best-of-breed service suppliers in cost efficient Eastern Europe.

Artezio joined the Xamarin Consulting Partner Program in 2015.
Artezio is a Gold Pegasystem Partner.
Artezio started its partnership with hoozin in 2016.
Artezio is an official Salesforce partner since 2017.