Services provided by Artezio are the best combination of price and quality.

  1. Global presence

Our 6 development centers are located in different time zones what makes the interaction with the customer easier and faster. See all locations of Artezio.

  1. Innovative Activity

Besides delivering custom software development projects, Artezio is involved in the R&D activity. The company has over 10 running internal projects that can turn into commercial products or can be used as a base for further custom software development projects. An example to our R&D activity is a number of innovative cloud products powered by Artezio.

  1. Quality Management

Artezio has the most modern ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS) that proves that it is a reliable IT services and consulting company who’s products are highly competitive on the modern IT market.

The quality of our services is confirmed by warm testimonials of our clients.

  1. Staff
  • We pay special attention to HR Management because we believe that the high level of employees' competence is a key to high quality of services provided. Our specialists have developed and implemented our own HR Management System that systemizes and simplifies all employee management processes
  • Every office has its own HR department
  • Artezio has a very low employee turnover rate (about 5 %)
  • Our specialists regulary attend internal qualification improvement courses as well as workshops organized by our technology partners
  • Artezio offices are located in the cities with a high number of technology universities and IT education centers
  • A lot of our specialists are Microsoft or IBM certified and hold MSc or Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  1. Cost efficiency

As a global company, Artezio delivers cost effective, high quality IT services to its clients. This is done with the highest degree of engineering skill in conjunction with clear and transparent communication processes.

  1. Flexibility
  • For each project that the company delivers, Artezio creates an individual project management infrastructure. With that, Artezio can better adjust to its customers’ preferences
  • Broad human resources base. Due to its substantial chain of facilities, Artezio has numerous specialists at its disposal so that the company can arrange a highly professional project team at short notice
  1. Specialization

Through the years of Artezio’s work in the field of Information Technology the company’s professionals have accomplished projects in many spheres including Internet & Media, Transport & logistics, Retail, Insurance and others. But the best job was done in the three fields that Artezio now specializes in: While other companies do not tend to keep focus on a particular sphere of specialization, Artezio has collected the broadest knowledge and experience base in these three industries and the company is constantly developing its potential therein.