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blog / Nov 16, 2018

AI is Needed Everywhere Where Intelligence is Required

Artificial intelligence has long ceased to be the technology of the future. Already today, AI is used in many areas - from healthcare and finance to defense and autopilot vehicles. However, if you look into the future, you can see that AI will not only confidently take its place in human lives, but will also become the key technology on which all the most effective projects will be based.
blog / Oct 30, 2018

The Best Educational Programs in AI and ML

The growing popularity of solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning has become a reason for increasing expertise in this area among developers and enthusiasts. Today you can find a lot of distance and full-time courses that allow you to understand the subtleties of developing projects with AI and ML, as well as gain practical skills in this area. We have compiled a list of the best educational programs in Russian and English that will give maximum benefit when mastering new technologies.
blog / Oct 19, 2018

The Problem of User Carelessness is Far from Having Disappeared

The main conference of the year in Russia dedicated to the latest trends in the development of cybercrime technologies and data protection has completed its work in Moscow. Traditionally, the forum discussed the most important problems of the IT industry related to the security of software and hardware solutions. Andrey Shagalov, a forum participant and Director of Quality Assurance at Artezio, told us about new threats and standards for safe development.
blog / Oct 16, 2018

Salesforce: development direction that should be focused on

The development of internet business is pushing companies to search for universal tools that would successfully compete in the market. For this reason, the Salesforce platform gathers around itself new communities of business customers and developers of software solutions. Not so long ago, a third meet up was held in Minsk, where representatives of software companies shared their experience in developing effective tools based on Salesforce. One of the speakers at the event, Tatyana Agurkova, an Artezio certified Salesforce developer, talked about new prospects of using a popular CRM system.
blog / Sep 19, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Healthcare Tech Conference

​​​​​​​Keywords: Healthcare tech, Healthcare tech conferences, Choosing a healthcare tech conference
blog / Sep 3, 2018

Transforming Data Management and Analysis in the Construction Industry

The construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy, with about $10 trillion spent on construction-related goods and services every year. In 2017, the industry alone contributed 6.36% to the United States’ GDP—that’s more than 444 billion U.S. dollars.
blog / Aug 3, 2018

How and Why AR and VR Should Be Used in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most important vectors of the development and application of VR/AR technologies. Physicians are already using this technology in the field for training, to solve psychological problems, to assist in performing surgeries, to visualize the human body, and to help in the recovery of patients.
blog / Jul 18, 2018

GDPR vs Blockchain

The appearance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe can become an obstacle in the development of business solutions based on blockchain.
blog / Jul 10, 2018

What do Experts Think about Contradictions between GDPR and Blockchain?

We asked experts from US companies to express their opinion on the problem of compatibility of GDPR requirements with projects where personal data is stored using Blockchain.
blog / Jun 25, 2018

Artezio Offers Highlights for Developers from Apple’s Most Recent iOS Release

The mobile development team at Artezio, an international ISO 9001:2015-certified custom software development and consulting company, is offering its expertise on five primary modifications from iOS 12, the newest version of Apple’s operating system for smartphones and tablets.
blog / May 25, 2018

Technological IoT Evolution: from Private Systems to Global Management Platforms

According to the global study by Frost & Sullivan, the IoT usage patterns in the world can dramatically change by 2026. Small closed IoT networks will be replaced by global scalable platforms capable of managing new generations of IoT sensors and devices.
blog / May 22, 2018

The 5 Most Expected Changes in Swift 5

We have collected five important features that developers are expecting from Swift 5.
blog / May 11, 2018

3 Tips for Digital Transformation in Healthcare

How to not reinvent the wheel. Healthcare digital transformation for smart people.
blog / Apr 19, 2018

Using the Console to Develop Apps Based on Angular 5 and ASP.NET Core 2

Since the release of Angular 5 and .NET Core 2, it is possible to say that both these technologies have reached maturity and are ready to be used together. However, one aspect should be taken into account – the absence of full project support with the use of the latest Angular version in Visual Studio 2017 and further convenient work with it.
blog / Mar 14, 2018

How to Evolve Out of Ancient Banking Services: What Processes Are Worth Automating Today?

Modern technologies will change the financial market beyond recognition. The experts and top managers of large businesses shared with us their thoughts on when the Stone Age of banking services would end. 
blog / Feb 7, 2018

Belarus Among Top 20 Countries with the Best E-Government Services

The Analytical Department at Artezio (LANIT Group of Companies) conducted a research to evaluate how convenient and technologically advanced e-government services are in various countries.
blog / Jan 12, 2018

The 10 Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing an IT Contractor

You have a big IT project. Its success is critical to your company’s performance. You know you don’t have the resources in-house to complete it. Outsourcing is an excellent alternative. But how do you choose the right IT contractor? Here are 10 important guidelines you can use in evaluating potential contractors for the project.
blog / Oct 31, 2017

Top 10 Mobile Finance Apps for the US Market

Artezio Analytical Department has conducted a comprehensive research on mobile apps for personal finance tracking.
blog / Oct 25, 2017

Java 9: Evolution or Revolution?

In this article, we review the top 10 new functions of Java 9, their advantages and disadvantages, and discuss whether Java 9 should be considered “revolutionary,” as they say in Oracle.
blog / Aug 1, 2017

How to Compile and Sign OS X Project for Independent Distribution

This article describes how to obtain project codes from GitHub, compile and sign the application for an independent distribution outside the App Store, and pack the application using NavX OS X project example.   Step 1. Receive the source codes from Git.   The source codes are available at the link from the ant branch of the gosnavx-x-tarverse project: