Quality Management Principles

Artezio quality management principles are the key factor for achieving strategic goals of the company on the world market:
  • Making Artezio’s services attractive to potential clients
  • Optimizing the organizational structure and human resources management
  • Establishing efficient production, sales and human resources processes
  • Focusing on promising technology areas and vertical industries to increase market share and grow revenues
The central figure of the quality management system is a customer. The quality management system in whole is based on the customer-oriented approach. The following main principles drive our quality management in our day to day activities:
  • Establishing trust-based relationship with customers
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Ensuring a positive customer experience during face-to-face and remote interactions
  • Managing multi-cultural differences
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Capturing and transitioning knowledge gained from different sourcing contexts
  • Measuring and monitoring service performance, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction
  • Implementing practices to transform implicit and explicit requirements into deliverables of defined and desired quality
  • Providing a customer with tools and approaches to monitor all software development processes on regular basis in required details.