Creating a banking integration platform

Project Facts


— A banking institution

Functional area

— CRM System Integration


— J2EE

— Hibernate

— Spring



— Maven

— Eclipse

— Tomcat




— 4 man-months


Implement data interexchange between heterogeneous systems; refine the mortgage management system with an e-mail subscription.

The Customer needed a robust and fast integration solution to support two-way communication between the external systems and Exact Target (the system storing the client’s information).

At the first stage of the project the following systems had to be integrated:

  • Closerv
    • a web-based banking application to maintain mortgages
    • communication via a flat file located at the dedicated storage and via direct reading from the PostgreeSQL server
  • FileMaker
    • e-mail subscription system
    • communication via an http web-service

It was required to provide integration interfaces to enable simplified interconnection with other external systems. Only adapters and configuration settings had to be used to add the systems.


Artezio’s engineers in tandem with the Customer worked out the following solution:

For data transfer the application was supposed to use Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) from ServiceMix. For data maintenance and interexchange the following services were implemented:

  • Postgre service (dbCloservService) – to retrieve data from the Сustomer’s PostgreSQL Database
  • CSV service (fileCloservService) – to retrieve data from CSV files
  • TransactionLog (logService) – to store information about customers in a MySQL transaction log
  • Exact Adapter (exactService) – to update a customer list in Exact Target and retrieve a list of active customers from Exact Target

Additionally, the application was developed as a Web application by using the Spring framework. All service’s configuration options were stored in the SpringapplicationContext.xml file.

The application was split into the following layers: Service Layer, Business Layer, and Data Access Layer implementing an Adapter interface.

The main part of the project was delivered within 2months. The project effort was 4 man-months. Artezio team kept to the budget and successfully accomplished the development on time.